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Client: Pepescholland

Date: 2007

Tachaaan! is a 3D animated short film born out of a final project in my school-time modeling and animation Pepeschoolland by Daniel Martinez Lara.

This project started Rafael Cano, Carlos del Olmo and I during the 6 months that lasted the last year "animated shorts Workshop" at school.

During those months with my fellow participates in the development of history, animatic, then I encarge layout, modeling environments and props, a minor character rig, shaders and lighting test, test fx, etc..

Once completed the course work and I quickly found it much to my regret to abandon the project which saw the birth in my hands xD ... in my place entered school a fellow Michael Bellot, the truth that was fortunate to have him and especially with the help of JJ Palomo Daniel M.Lara and I leave a space in their study that was vital so that my colleagues can continue the work so you can finish it.

At the end of this short has been moved by more than a hundred festivals which has won more than 30 awards, among them the most proud that we are the nomination Goya 2010, Goya did not win but the mere fact that a short school, was nominated and is a piece of prize.

Then leave the video and a series of images of the production process:

You will be able to find more information about the short web-Rafiki, co-director and host of Tachaaan!

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