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Project Details

Artistic Director:     Sanja Ristic

Choreography:     In Collaboration with Dancer’s from the Flex & Bone Breaking Scene NY

Director’s Assistant:     Viet Dang

Set Design:     Carles Berga

Fashion Design:     Ana Rajcevic

Video Design:      Tabea Rothfuchs

Video Technician:     David Fortmann

Stage Production:     Lali Conosa (Fura dels Baus)

Music Production:     Pavel Bez, Todd Weinstock, Janiv from the Goldfingerbrothers

Technical Director:     Daniel Rist, Dario Hauri , Zeitpol AG

Production Manager:     Daniel Rist, Zeitpol AG

Production Assistant:     Michaela Mühlemann, Anna Almendral, Judith Pawlos, Josefine Wirrig

Media Consulting:     Phase 7, Martina Mrongovious

Animation 3D & Fluids simulation:     Jordi Cabeza, Enka3D

Social Media Manager:     Stephan Günzel

PR-Kombinat. Büro für Kommunikation:     Katrin Strauch

Animal instinct is an audiovisual and contemporary dance show where I had the pleasure of working fluid simulations for creating video art of the scenery under the supervision of the director Tabea Rothfuchs.

More information about animal instinct www.animalize.me

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